R.A. Goli is a reader, writer, gamer and sometime hiker. She lives in Australia where she likes annoying her dog, two cats, and husband and enjoys the occasional walk through the cemetery. She writes horror, fantasy, speculative fiction, erotica and erotic horror, and likes to pretend she writes sci-fi (*insert robot/alien in story*), but she sux at it, despite having completed a Science degree. 

Due to her varying attention span, she has an ever-increasing fondness for the short story, both the reading and the writing of, though she harbors ambitions of finishing the fantasy novel that’s lingering in the dark recesses of an old laptop. 

Fun facts: As a young child she had two imaginary pet werewolf cubs who lived under her bed. When she was twelve she used a home-made Ouija board to contact Sid Vicious because she had a crush on him. He never responded. She swears she’s not a weirdo.