I’ve had several short stories published, and though I thank her often, I wrote this post to let my beta reader know that I truly appreciate what she does. My beta reader is my BFF Meagan. She critiques my stories for no monetary gain, she does it because she loves me and says it gives her something to do.

I’ve worked with some really nice editors who have helped me improve my writing, but without Meagan’s feedback, they probably wouldn’t even look at my pieces. She helps make my stories better.

Though she loves horror, one of Meagan’s favorite books is ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, and I’m sure she enjoys many other literary classics that I’ve never even read. So what I am particularly thankful for, is that I have forced her to read genre’s outside of her taste and comfort zone, including fantasy, erotic horror and my attempts at sci-fi. Still, she reads it all without complaint.

Welcome to the nerd side Megs. And thank you, so much.