I made a few changes to my categories, separating the gory horror stories from the creepier ones, and decided to implement a Gore Rating System to help readers find the stories they’d like, and avoid the ones they wouldn’t. Apparently not everyone enjoys reading about blood splatter and body parts. I found it more challenging than I’d anticipated. While most stories easily fell into a certain category, there was a couple that were creepier but still had a little bit of grossness.

The other obvious challenge was determining how gross is gross, and clearly everyone will have a different tolerance level for such things. I based the Gore Rating System only on stories I’ve written. That seems obvious, but what I mean is, a three blood drop rating means that the story is one of the more extreme stories I’ve written, however, that might be quite tame for some readers. I’m just trying to let people who are squeamish know which stories to avoid, or where to start if they want to build up to the more visceral horror. I also can’t be held accountable for what else is included in an anthology, though this should give you an idea of what to expect.


No Blood Drop = There won’t be any gore.

a-drop-of-299775_1280  One Blood Drop = Pretty tame, might be a bit of blood or something gross but not over the top.

a-drop-of-299775_1280 a-drop-of-299775_1280 Two Blood Drops = A medium level of gore and grossness. Expect blood, body parts and quite a mess.

a-drop-of-299775_1280 a-drop-of-299775_1280 a-drop-of-299775_1280 Three Blood Drops = This stuff is nasty. The same blood and mess you’ll find in level two, but expect more of it, with more detailed descriptions. I’m trying to make you cringe. Enjoy.

For readers who prefer atmosphere and creepiness over gore, these stories are for you.

If you prefer your horror bloody and messy, the stuff you shouldn’t read over lunch, these stories are for you.