My fantasy story HIDDEN, was inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, ‘Rapunzel’, and is told from Gothel’s point of view, before and just after Rapunzel’s birth. It explores events leading up to the child’s kidnapping and poses the question: Who is the villain really? It has been published in Fantasy Divinity’s ‘The Evil Within: A Fairy Tale Villains Anthology’.

“Everyone knows of the Evil Queen who cursed Snow White with an apple, of the Sea Witch who offered an impossible bargain to a little mermaid, of Mother Gothel who locked Rapunzel in a secret tower, and of the wolf who tried to eat a little girl in a red hood, but no one knows why. What secrets lie in these notorious villains’ past that drove them to commit the atrocities we know so well?”

Kindle and print editions available at Amazon, print edition also available from createspace.