It saddens me to say I only just learnt about this quest and the sign up has closed. Still, I’m keen to do it, not because I want the prize, but because my reading has been all over the place lately and I’m having trouble getting into the books I’m starting. I keep seeing the next shiny.

I’ve also been reading a lot of anthologies, and it’s fine to jump around from one to another, say if I feel like reading some fantasy instead of horror, but I thought doing this challenge, unofficially, might help me stick with one book.

The quest began on Sunday 13th August (so I’m almost 2 days behind already), and ends on Sunday 10th September, 2017. I’ll take a journey to conquer my ‘To Be Read’ (TBR) pile through stages, gaining experience and levelling up my character.


First I needed to choose my class. I went with Mage, which means I’ll be following the mage path on the quest board.

“MAGE: As wielders of spells and witchcraft, these players will conjure and summon their way through the First Down path on the quest. Their tomes contain magic and whispers of alternate lands.”

So I’ll have to follow the mage’s main questline, but am allowed to do side quests. If I finish before the deadline, I can do another class’ path, but I think I’ll be lucky enough to get my own done in the month.


The rules state re-reads don’t count, so I’m going to assume you also can’t choose a book you’ve started before but didn’t finish for whatever reason. *Oooh shiny*.  So after some deliberation, some choices came easier than others, here is my TBR list:

  • The First Book in a Series: Prince of Thorns, book #1 of the Broken Empire, by Mark Lawrence. 
  • A Book Set in a Different World: A Song for Lya, by George R.R. Martin.
  • A Book Based on Mythology: Eaters of the Dead, by Michael Crichton.
  • A Book that Contains Magic: The Eyes of the Dragon, by Stephen King. 
  • A Book With a One Word Title: Hex, by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

I’m going to read the Prince of Thorns last so I can continue with the series with book #2 straight after. According to the FAQ’s you can read books on your path in any order. There is a points system for gaining XP and Health, but I’m not sure I’ll bother with that. For details on the points system and the rest of the rules, read the original post at Read at Midnight. The awesomely adorable artwork was done by CW of Read, Think, Ponder. Shout out to Lish Wells which is where I first heard/read about #The Reading Quest.