For readers who prefer atmosphere and creepiness over dismemberment, these stories are for you. While there may be a small amount of blood, anything more extreme will be listed on the Gory Horror Story page.

Please utilize my Gore Rating System, no blood drops means no gore, one means you can expect a little bit of blood or something unpleasant, but nothing you can’t handle. You should probably leave the lights on tonight though…

THE PIED PIPER OF ESSEX in the ‘Spooky Isles Book of Horror Anthology’ along with my non-fiction article about the Ratman of Southend. Release date TBA.

THROUGH GLASS EYES in the Buried Anthology. Expected release date February 28th. a-drop-of-299775_1280

LIGHTHOUSE LAMENTATION in the Crescendo of Darkness Anthology. Release date TBA.

VISITING HOURS in the I Will Fight for You Charity Anthology (American Cancer Society). Release date TBA. a-drop-of-299775_1280

THE LATE SHIFT AT THE STRANGLER’S ARMS in the Haunted Hotel Anthology. Release date TBA.

AN UNSCHEDULED STOP in Issue 19 of Fantasia Divinity Magazine. Read it online or  purchase a copy from Amazon.

SILENT CONVERSATIONS in Issue 18 of Fantasia Divinity Magazine. Read it online or purchase a copy from Amazon.

DECK THE HALLS WITH SILK AND SPIDERS first prize in the Feed Your Monster’s Christmas contest “Tinsel and Spiders”. Is featured on Feed Your Monster’s Christmas podcast, read by Bill Derwent. Listen here for creepy, crawly fun.

RED CHRISTMAS in Shades of Santa – Tales from the Bloody North Pole. Available at Amazon in eBook and print.

MR. BUTTONS’ TEA PARTY in My American Nightmare Anthology.

CHARRED MEMORIES first published in See Through My Eyes: A Ghost Mystery Anthology. Available in eBook and print. Also included in the upcoming anthology Ashes. Expected release date 2018 a-drop-of-299775_1280

NO JOB TOO SMALL in the Two Eyes Open Anthology. Available in eBook and print.

THE BECKONING WOODS in the Pop Machine issue of Inwood Indiana Press. Can be read here with subscription.


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