If you like your erotica with a bit of blood, gore and death, here’s where all your fantasies come true. My Gore Rating System will give you an idea of how much blood and guts to expect, one drop means it’s a bit nasty, and three blood drops is more extreme.

P.A.C.D. : THE KITCHEN OF TOMORROW, TODAY!  in MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror. (Kindle & Print Edition). An audio version will become available in fall, 2017.  a-drop-of-299775_1280 a-drop-of-299775_1280

FLIRTING WITH THE DEAD in the Erotic Horror Issue, No Safe Word. (Kindle & Print Edition), or the uncensored Print Edition, (different cover). a-drop-of-299775_1280 a-drop-of-299775_1280


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