If magic, mythical creatures, men in armour, medieval or fairy tale worlds are your thing, you’ve come to the right place. The future me has written a sci-fi story, but hasn’t published it yet.

HIDDEN in The Evil Within: A Fairy Tale Villains Anthology. Available in print & eBook.

FIRELIGHT in Distressing Damsels: A Fairy Tale Anthology. Available in print & eBook.

WHITEFLOWER DUET  in Planet Scumm: A Science Fiction Quarterly Magazine. Read online here, or purchase an eCopy for only $1 or order the print version.

THE EXECUTIONER’S DAUGHTER in the debut issue of Broadswords and Blasters. Available in print & eBook.

THE CARNIVAL first published in Fifty Flashes. An Anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories (print version). Also included in the upcoming anthology Menagerie de Mythique: A Mythical Creatures Anthology, (pint & eBook). Expected release date December.



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