Welcome fellow sickos. If you like your horror bloody, messy and just plain nasty, this is where you want to be. Here you’ll find killers who like to get their hands dirty, the beauty that is the zombie, and the occasional flesh melting face.

Please utilize my Gore Rating System, one drop means you can expect a little blood, three blood drops is more extreme, but I’m sure you’ve read much worse. Careful you don’t slip on the viscera …

YOU BETTER WATCH OUT  in Blood on the Tree: Christmas Horror Anthology. Expected release date November, 2017. a-drop-of-299775_1280 a-drop-of-299775_1280

PARTY OF ONE (poem) in Revenge Anthology. Expected release date TBA. a-drop-of-299775_1280

FOLLOW ME in Blood Anthology. Expected release date TBA. a-drop-of-299775_1280 a-drop-of-299775_1280

THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE. Read it at FunDead Blog. Publication date TBA. a-drop-of-299775_1280

ARK OF THE DAMNED in the Zombie Jesus Issue, He’s Risen: Kindle edition or Print editiona-drop-of-299775_1280 a-drop-of-299775_1280


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